Photos from WhatsApp were sent for all the time, but the images could not be edited. The new feature will add the feature of editing photos in the WhatsApp app itself. A new shortcut coming up for this. It can be edited in the messaging app before sending pictures using this shortcut.

This feature called ‘Quick Edit Media Shortcut’ will save a lot of subscriber time. This shortcut can be seen on the photo itself. Android and iOS customers will be able to use this feature. Already added this feature to beta version. Tapping the three dot menu on the top right of the photo, select the Edit option and edit it before sending any picture.

Recently WhatsApp has added one after the other. Most of these features have been added in beta versions. Afterwards some features reached the stable version. Recently, the use of the QR code in the WhatsApp Beta version was added to share contacts in WhatsApp. This feature has been added to the WhatsApp Android beta version for the time being.

The report published on the Internet has been added to the QR scan and sharing features in WhatsApp. Previously Facebook and Instagram came to Facebook with this feature. Conversely, WhatsApp can be shared using QR corrosion.

Since 2020, advertising will start showing in WhatsApp State. The popular messaging company will start showing advertisements to Android and iOS customers. Currently the ads will start showing in WhatsApp State. Facebook has said this in a meeting with developers in May. In October of 018, the news of advertisements showing WhatsApp first appeared in the first week of October. It is not known when the advertisement will be shown.

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